Trust Us to Lay the Groundwork for a Strong Building

Trust Us to Lay the Groundwork for a Strong Building

Laying top-quality concrete foundations in Laramie & Cheyenne, WY

A building is only as strong as its foundation. Set your home or office up for a long life by letting Wyo Concrete, LLC install your concrete foundations. Our areas of expertise include, but aren't limited to, crawl spaces, basements and exterior foundations. You'll feel confident knowing your foundation is immovable.

If you're searching for a team in Laramie & Cheyenne, WY that specializes in concrete foundations, you've come to the right place. Call 307-761-2059 now to schedule your appointment.

What's the difference between concrete foundations and footings?

Concrete foundations and concrete footings aren't interchangeable. While similar, they each warrant specific verbiage and possess differing characteristics. Let's consider a few:

  • Concrete footings are classified as part of your foundation
  • A traditional T-shaped foundation rests on top of concrete footings
  • Concrete footings are made of slab or rebar

Our team is highly trained and qualified to install both concrete footings and full foundations.

We provide free estimates in Laramie & Cheyenne, WY. To schedule your appointment, call 307-761-2059.